It’s hard to hold on to hope….

Hope hurts… 

You cannot

Express yourself, you cannot

Be free, you cannot

Be at peace, you cannot

Be wanted, you cannot

Be loved, you cannot

Be what you are, you cannot

Be, just be, you cannot

You just cannot… 

A horrible week it was

The week has been a rather horrible one. 

It’s been a mix of difficult colleagues creating chaos to irresponsible juniors running away from work and I have always been the one to pull through and suffer in the process . 

The worst part was being unbelievably sick in the process and not putting myself first . 

A few colleagues have been unbelievably supportive. One got me a chicken salad one day when he realised that I wasn’t eating and only working. Another got me bubbletea when I was feeling unbelievably down in the beginning of the week and they dragged me for dinner too to help lighten the mood. They’re all planning to leave and I will miss these amazing souls when they go…. 

I still wonder what I got myself into . But I’m not giving up yet. 

Every day when I wake up , I spend a few minutes wondering what to expect ….. wondering if I would ever get a break… wondering why these things happen to me… wondering so many different things and it drives me nuts.

Once in a while…

You realise that people can bring happiness too…. it doesn’t always have to be a thing..

And when it’s gone……. you have to figure out life all over again..

Life is such. Nothing stays.

Nothing. And No one.

Wanting someone that doesn’t want you the same way, I never knew what that felt like before. I wish I never knew….

Ahhh insomnia…

Welcome back. It was happiness that kept you away eh.

We have a long way to go now… 

Teacher’s day

It was entertaining this time. I got a mug as a gift, was treated to donuts and cake along with the other teachers for tea time…. and then came the fun coz I had to handle a few VERY difficult kids…

  • I had wafers thrown at me in pieces
  • When I got up to get a few educational toys, an autistic kid had finished my plain tea
  • Another kid had run into the bathroom and was ready to have a shower
  • I got a kiss full of spit on my cheek
  • I was called a penguin
  • Then there was this kid who had a non-stop stinky farting problem

My day couldn’t have been any better.


That awkward moment when I walked into my department and heard the boys talking about my butt!

There was admiration, description and most of all, the fact that they can never miss it!!!!

And I spoke about it to someone just this morning! Weird!!

Oh that girdle!

So, as the myth unfolds, it is told that Aphrodite had a girdle that contained her enchantments that helped her get what or rather who she wanted…

How I wish I had it!

But…. would I have misused it unnecessarily? Hmm.. Something to think about.

Dancing on my own

This song pretty much sums up how I feel most of the time. For years and years.

The Reluctant Traveler

In search of a good cup of tea


Writing To Cleanse My Soul

The Complete Chronicles Of Chaos

Forgotten fragments of Eden and the lexis of Chaos


~captured in a world formed by myself~